Libyan Academy For Telecom and Informatics

Our partners

Huawei ICT Academy

The Academy, in cooperation with Huawei ICT Academy, provides training courses in the fields of communications and informatics aimed at qualifying trainees according to the requirements of the labor market and obtaining Huawei international certificates.

The African App Launchpad


The initiative aims to build the capacities of young people from Egypt and other African countries and promote the creation of sustainable startups in the field of advanced application and game technologies. Over the course of 3 years, the initiative has contributed to developing the capabilities of 10,000 young men and women and supporting 100 startups in the field of applications and games in Africa. Under the auspices of the Libyan Academy of Communications and Informatics, the opportunity was given to Libyan youth to participate during the year 2021. The initiative provided the opportunity for training in advanced technical fields through the leading e-learning sites Coursera, edX, and Udacity