Libyan Academy For Telecom and Informatics

LATI’s Boot Camp

Boot camps are a focused course for learning the basic and technical skills required in the labour market, as they provide real training for people looking for jobs in the fields of computer and information technology. The training camps provide an opportunity for new graduates and job seekers to learn a new skill in a period not exceeding 3 months through intensive training and focusing on the difficult skills needed by the labour market. In doing so, bootcamps can provide new graduates with a fast track to a rewarding technical career.

The Libyan Academy for Telecom and Informatics (LATI), in partnership with the Telecommunications Holding Company, organises several training camps in various fields annually at all its branches, in cooperation with local and international institutions and companies. These programmes are suitable for students of engineering and technical colleges. Candidates for the camps are selected through a written evaluation examination.

Why join LATI’s boot camp?

  • Its intensive training saves you time by preparing you for the job market.
  • You learn advanced skills with international institutions and customised scientific materials.
  • You get to know colleagues in the profession and join a community of coders and developers.
  • You experience various practical activities and exercises.
  • You get certificates accredited by international institutions and/or the Quality Assurance Centre.


Below is an overview of some of the camps organized by LATI: