Libyan Academy For Telecom and Informatics

LATI is the First VMware Regional Academy in Libya(May 2023)

LATI is the First VMware Regional Academy in Libya (May 2023)

The Libyan Academy for Telecom and Informatics (LATI), Misurata, Libya signed a Memorandum of Understanding with VMware International Unlimited Company, sending its representative, Dr. Asma Elmangoush, to Cairo, Egypt at VMware Cairo today on 10th of May 2023.

 The MoU will be active for 2 years and both the signatories will co-operatively work in the field of virtualization, cloud, and automation.

 LATI will significantly perform the following activities under this MoU:

  • LATI will work with the assigned regional program managers to develop a plan to grow and expand the VMware IT Academy Program in the area of virtualization, cloud, and automation.

  • It will provide initial and ongoing instructor training to individual member academies that have joined the VMware IT Academy Program.

  • It will select at least 2 qualified IT professionals with suitable technical teaching background to participate as regional instructors.

Whereas VMware will majorly contribute with the following under this MoU:

  • It will develop joint plans for growth and awareness of the IT Academy Program with the Institution.

  • It will recognize the Institution publicly on the locator available on the IT Academy Program website.

  • It will recognize regional instructor status for instructors who meet the qualifications.

  • It will provide on-going professional development for Regional Academy Instructors.